Content marketing makes for the most significant domain under the realm of digital marketing. Content is the first thing that visitor on your website observes about your brand.

Content optimization is a necessity to be fulfilled by every business trying to make a mark in the internet world. No website is complete without professional content.  It is by the virtue of the content that a search engine and a reader get to know of the purpose and service offered by a website and business.

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A Few Of The Qualities That You Must Seek For In Your Content And Content Writer Could Be Listed As Such

Themed And Purposed Content

The content that you choose to post on your website should be specifically themed.

This means that it should be crafted in such a way that the thought representation of the words should be clear and the purpose of the whole piece of writing should be clear to all.

Your Content writer must be able to write directed content with a goal and desired end in mind.

Brand Trust And Authority

The first thing that visitor sets his/her eye on visiting your website is the content posted ion it. This content is supposed to reveal the approach of your brand towards the business and the customers.

It is the content that tells the public about the stand of your brand and the latest happenings in the industry that you work and serve. 

The standard and quality of your views and content set the image and level of your brand. It builds your brand trust and authority in the eye of the consumer. 

Assists The Consumer During Their Purchase Decision

Another major purpose that content serves for the marketing of your business website is that it assists the consumer during the purchase decision.

It is the content that informs the visitor about the product you are selling and about its qualities and your brand qualities and conditions.

 If one is unsure about the details of your product at the sale by your brans, the customer is much more likely to back out from the purchase. This is bound to harm your business sales and profits in the long run.

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Plagiarism VS Originality

The content that you choose to portray on your business website and choose it as the voice of your brand must be original and fresh in its essence.

Neither the search engine nor the human customers that visit your website would like to read copied or plagiarized content. In fact, it is set in the algorithms of Google and all major search engines that they automatically cast out a website with plagiarized content from the top pages of the search results.

This means that if you choose to simply copy content from other places on the web and post it on your website, there are high chances that it shall result in a downfall of your website’s SEO rankings.  

Furthermore, Plagiarism of content hurts your brand’s chance of developing an image and worth of its own in the internet world. 

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Types Of Content

Following are a few major types of content according to the difference in their approach, format, and purpose:

a) Articles    b) Blogs    c) Press Releases    d) Guest Post

Difference Between An Article And A Blog

Both articles and blogs are written on a certain topic. The primary purposes of every blog and article in digital marketing are information provision and website marketing for increased web traffic and conversion.  

The difference between article and a blog basically lies in the word count and the type of language use in both of them

An article is a bit longer than the blog and ranges up to a maximum of 500 words and is non-promotional in the context of tone and language, while a blog is kept a bit short ranging between 300 words to 400 words.

The language used in an article is kept formal while in the blog you could use a bit more relaxed language. A blog could even incorporate slang language in it depending upon the type of industry and audience you cater to.

Press Release

A press release can be described as a form of web content in the digital marketing world used to describe the latest happening about a business firm or market to the online audience.

The language of a press release is highly formal as it is in the press releases written in the newspapers.

It has a definite format and is used by companies to let the audience know of exclusive offers and services that they might be offering to the market.

Guest Post

A guest post is a type of content that is written for the promotion of your brand and is published on a third party site. Guest Pots also help you achieve backlinks for your website which enhances your SEO.

A guest post is mutually beneficial to both the parties participating as it ultimately lets both the participants share their customers and audience with each other.

A guest post makes for a unique kind of content optimization that helps you achieve a minor from the internet world.

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