Digital marketing makes for a platform that has a huge potential for the growth and progress of every business functioning in any part of the world. It has become a necessity for every businessman to indulge in the realm of digital marketing.

Although there have come up a lot of digital marketing companies all around the globe, yet it has only made things complex in the matter of choosing your service provider. Moreover, serval aspects of digital marketing such as SEO are hard to ascertain in terms of results. This is what makes SEO analysis a mandatory check in order to track one’s improvement in the domain.

What Is SEO Analysis?

A search engine optimization (SEO) analysis can be defined as a way to ascertain the ways by which a website owner can improve the ranking of their business site with the major search engines. Factors such as duplicate content, URL structure, and inbound links are sought for in the making of a standard SEO report.

Where to get a Website Audit?

Only quality digital marketing companies lend their clients and customers with a free website audit and then work to improve the SEO score of their clients. This is where you have to choose smartly as not every digital marketing company caters genuine results and SEO reports to their customers.

Following Are A Few Factors That Make Up A Significant Part Of Your Website Audit

Technical Audit

Technical audit includes checking out the technical potential of a website such as the absence or presence of an SSL certificate, security apparatus, and presence of a CMS (content management system) in your website to make it easier for you to upload and publish content on your website. Other technical aspects might include affirming whether your site backups itself and if it does how often does that happen.


On-page, SEO assessment is also a major part and at the same time easier part of your SEO analysis. This is because the optimization of the on-page content such as keywords, in content, headers, meta-descriptions, and alt text could be done easily in a mere time of a single day.

OFF Page

Off-page SEO factors are also checked and reported in your website audit and then your SEO score is prepared accordingly. Off-page, SEO counts backlinks, bad links, and the relevancy of all links that lead to your site.

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