You could sell these physical games down the line when you’re done with them to make a decent profit or simply collect them and show them off. We recommend a high-capacity microSD card like the Samsung EVO Plus 256GB, or if you plan on playing several games, the Samsung EVO Plus 512GB to ensure you have enough room to hold all the games you want. We also recommend these specific cards because they can transfer data quickly. If you’re ecologically minded, you will be happy to note that digital downloads also cut down on the amount of waste produced for a game.

  • You play the game on an Xbox, PlayStation, etc., and use your phone as your controller.
  • This list of 100 Would You Rather questions is a great way to get started knowing your favorite people just a little bit better.
  • The remaster of the epic sci-fi series is now available on Xbox Game Pass.
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Super Nintendo World food and drink guide

When you boot up the Xbox Series X or Series S for the first time, it should become apparent right away how much things have changed. Previously, first-time setup for a console generally involved a lot of laborious manual entry of account names and passwords via an on-screen keyboard, followed by navigating settings drop-downs with a controller. Now, you can handle most of the process via your Android phone or iPhone and the newest version of the Xbox app. Your phone can then communicate via Wi-Fi Direct with the new consoles and even restore settings, preferences, and game files from your existing console and cloud storage. Based on multiple instances of “first-time” The 25 best GBA games of all time – EmulatorGames setup with the Series X and Series S, the process takes just a few minutes, start to finish.

All six teams playing today are trying for for playoff spots at a crucial point of the NFL season. Get a briefing on this annual Thanksgiving triple-header featuring an exciting slate of showdowns. Cleveland’s record is 4-7 and the team is coming off Sunday’s overtime victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which kept its slim playoff hopes alive. Last season, the Bills and Patriots split the regular season series and ended up meeting again on Wild Card Weekend. Buffalo crushed New England, 47-17, and showed the league why they deserved to be AFC East champions. Let’s hope they jump out to a large, early lead tonight, because our tickers are still working overtime from last week’s nail-biter against the Detroit Lions.

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Instead of paying all at once for a new Xbox, you can get one through the Xbox All Access program. For $25 per month for the Xbox Series S or $35 per month for the Xbox Series X, you receive the console and an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription under a two-year contract obligation. This means faster user interfaces and much faster load times,1 as well as more sophisticated character and game behaviors, and just more stuff on screen at any given moment. The feature isn’t live yet, but the company already announced some names so that the company can start beta testing Xbox Game Pass. Those games will be Xbox One or Xbox 360 games that work on the Xbox One thanks to backward compatibility.

Classic Nintendo Games Playable on Nintendo Switch Online

Sign up to receive a tightly curated collection of Ars’ best product reviews, gear coverage, and Dealmaster roundups each week. Today’s Dealmaster is headed up by a nice deal on Xbox Game Pass Ultimatethat makes six months of Microsoft’s Netflix-esque gaming service available for $45. That’s effectively a 50-percent discount, since the company typically charges $45 for a three-month membership. Chivalry 2 has been confirmed by Xbox themselves to be joining the service. That means Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S players can jump into Chivalry 2 and join in 64-player battles online. That alone makes it worth renewing your membership to Game Pass.