Search Engine Optimization Company

Boosting your business website for Search Engines so that you stay up in the search results whenever searched for with a specific keyword by a consumer is called Search Engine Optimization.

‘SEO Bonafide’ is a professional Search Engine Optimization Company.

The advent of the internet has changed the working ways for every domain of the human society of the present times.

Business marketing has shifted totally from the traditional man to man marketing to ‘Digital Marketing’.

We offer you the best deals to get your business at the top of SEO rankings, providing you with a higher number of leads and bigger business profits.

The Realm of SEO can particularly be divided into two major categories which could be listed as such


On Page, services consist of the optimization and the management of all the elements present on the webpages of your site according to the requirements of the algorithms of a search engine.

It is by the gauging of your on-page content that a search engine learns about the relevancy of your website and contents to a visitor or consumer. Thus, On-Page SEO helps the search engine to understand your websites and further rank it in its keyword result pages.  

Once the on-page elements such as the content, Headers, Title tags, and all such other things present and visible on your webpage are enhanced to be indexed with the search engine, an improvement of your website ranking on the search engine results is bound to happen.

ON Page SEO shall basically include working on the following features of your website.

Building internal links  – Internal links of your website webpages improve the credibility and relevance of your website for search engines.

Original and regularly updated content   Fresh content that is maintained and updated at regular, fixed intervals of time.

Meta descriptions and Alt tags  – Meta tags and Alt Tags inform about a particular webpage both to the audience and search engines.

Optimized Images  – Images on your website should be optimized with proper ‘Alt Text’ and descriptions.

Titles and Headers  – Titles and headers must be services and product based that your website caters to the world.

We at ‘SEO Bonafide’ offer you ‘On-Page SEO’ optimization of your website by the virtue of true techniques.

SEO Bonafide is a result driven search engine optimization Company.

We believe in Organic results!


Off Page, activity comprises of all the effort and changes done in the non-live elements of your website to achieve the end of SEO optimization.

It basically means that the optimization of elements that are not actually visible on the web-pages of your site but are such backstage techniques which affect the SEO ranking and performance of your website significantly.    

These elements include link building, social signals and other such factors that make up the credibility of your website in the eye of search engines.

Off Page SEO comprises of the following techniques.

Guest Blogging  –  Guest blogging is when a blog on the third party website refers to your business and brand website. It creates backlink which is a super ‘Off Page SEO’ technique.

Social channels  –  Social media is the entire buzz today. Creating links to and from the social media channels can get you a huge boost in traffic and SEO enhancement of your website.

Link Building  –  Link building for sure helps in the rank improvement and indexing of your web-pages with search engines.

Brand credibility and trust building  –  The more the credibility and trust of your firm with the audience, the higher it ranks in search engine result pages.

SEO Bonafide offers to enhance your ‘Off Page SEO’ in order to improve your website ranking.

Rank higher, earn bigger!