Web Development

Be development can be defined as the processes involved in the making or development of a website on the internet. The term web development comprises of the main web developing tasks such as markup writing and coding. It usually excludes the web designing aspects of web development services.

The Internet is the power that fuels the running of modern society. Every major and minor task today is accomplished by the help of the internet.

Since the Internet has become the new field for the promotion of business and services and products on a worldwide level, the demand for web development services has grown manifold.

A number of Web Development Companies have come up in order to demand of the market.

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A few leading web development platforms and languages used by a majority of web development companies are as such


WordPress is web development platform that came before all. It is the most popular of all platforms used widely by a majority of web development Companies functioning all around the globe.

WordPress began as a blogging platform and later grew up to be a web development platform. A WordPress developer has to have the skills of programming and coding and should be well acquainted with Java, HTML5. 

WordPress is a web development platform that is easy to use and provides flexible websites and blogs which are easy to manage and lend an enhanced user experience to all users.

WordPress development includes both front end and back end development processes.

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Magento is a platform for web development especially useful for the crafting e-commerce website. The popularity of Magento has grown widely in recent years.  Many web development companies use Magento as an open source platform for the task of web development.

A myriad of reasons make up for the high demand and use of ‘Magento’ as a web development platform

The popularity of this web development platform has made it an equivalent of ‘WordPress’ when it comes to the realm of e-commerce website development. A few of the major advantages of using Magento as a platform could be enlisted as such

Use Services: – It is one of the major advantages of using Magento as your website developing platform that it offers the users to have an account where they can check their orders and can also store information for further use.

Shopping Carts: – Magento as a web development platform allow full access to the shopping cart. It allows access to a number of registered guests and users. 

Multiple Portals: – Magento allows you to handle multiple portals. It also supports the management of the web site by different multiple users, and that too, at the same time.


PHP is a language used for the purpose of scripting, especially for the server side web development services. The PHP runtime executes code in PHP in order to develop dynamic webpages and websites.

It can be embedded in an HTML code and can also be used in combination with a number of different web template systems.

PHP was not intended to be Programming language to be used by web development companies but it grew up to be one and today is popular all around the globe

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It is a cloud-based web development platform that was invented in Israel. It makes money by the virtue of its premium upgrades. It allows you to create a robust website and to build web applications, and to manage your data on the internet.

It could just be thought of a relatively new competitor of WordPress. The new ‘Wix’ plan is free for lifetime, although it comes with ads.

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Shopify is a trending website development platform that aids e-commerce merchants to build a website and to sell their products and services all over the world.

It has gained popularity due to the usability and options that it lends to the e-commerce merchants on the internet.

It empowers to market your product on every possible platform on the internet such as social media, pop-ups, mobile, online marketplace and web. 

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HTML is the standard markup language used for the development of text files for the purpose of getting color, hyperlinks, and graphics on webpages of a site.

The full form is Hypertext Markup language and it has gained worldwide acceptance owing to its easy to use a character. It is by the virtue of HTML that webpages look the way there are today.


HTML has a major role in making the internet and your website interesting to look at. 

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Woo Commerce

Woo Commerce is a WordPress plugin that empowers a high percentage of WordPress e-commerce sites today.

It has gained huge popularity as it is free to use and is compatible with a myriad of WordPress extensions. If you are a user of a WordPress website, all you have to do is to install the ‘Woo Commerce’ plugin and you are all set to sell/

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E-Commerce Development

E-commerce development can be defined as a platform that allows selling goods and services over the internet and utilizes the sharing of information and monetary transactions. 

Any website that utilizes the transfer of money and goods on the internet could be loosely termed as an e-commerce website. Privacy and security are must demand service from your e-commerce website development services provider.

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